Sunday, 11 June 2017

001. Hello, here is a look at all of the food we bought this week! When I started this blog I never thought I would be posting about my groceries, yet here I am. As mentioned in previous posts I'm trying to cut down on the amount of waste I produce in my everyday life- and in my opinion food is the number one place to start. Right now cutting down on plastic is my number one goal, which you will begin to notice that almost EVERYTHING is packaged in. But there are easy swaps and solutions that I'm going to talk about to make this transition easier. Don't worry I'm not planning on posting my groceries every single week- just maybe every couple of months as a way to document my journey and hopefully inspire others- cutting down waste in your life isn't that difficult!

002. Full disclosure that this haul of food is catering to feed 2 hungry vegans- one of whom is very active and one who just likes to eat good food (guess which one is me). All of this cost around $100-ish. That's a little more than we usually spend, but we had a 10% off voucher to use at the bulk food shop so we definitely went a little crazier than usual in there. Changing your shopping habits to reduce your waste is easy, and definitely not more expensive! If anything I spend the same if not less- avoiding all that packaged processed rubbish really does save you so much money, plus your eating habits become WAY better (hello fresh, wholesome food).

003. We buy ALL of our fruit and veg at the farmers market down the road. It supports local business, is really affordable and super fresh. You really cannot go wrong with farmers markets! We pick produce that isn't packaged in plastic- loose produce is better quality because you get to hand-pick each one and it isn't sweating/suffocating in any packaging. The only thing I struggle finding plastic free at our local markets is greens. However, I did manage to find some loose spinach/salad leaves and packed them into our reusable produce bags. These little bags are a life saver wherever you shop for fresh produce! You can reuse them each week to make transporting all your goods home a lot easier- without the need for plastic.

004. Next stop is the bulk food store. I love shopping at our local bulk food store (The Source Bulk Foods if you were wondering), it really is the most enjoyable grocery shopping experience you can get. Again, here we use our reusable produce bags or the paper bags provided, depending on what we're buying. Buying just the right amount of food for what you need really reduces your waste dramatically. Want to try out a new recipe or just need a tiny snack to nibble on? You can buy that small amount you need easily- without excess waste or packaging!

005. Finally we stop into the supermarket (which is conveniently located in the same centre as the bulk food shop). Here we usually only pick up a few things that we can't get anywhere else. Again, we try to avoid plastic as much as possible and also like to choose organic (Woolworths has an affordable range of organic goods). This week we saw that medjool dates were on special and whipped out of own reusable bags to fill up. Bringing your own shopping bags AND reusable produce bags is the ultimate hack to avoiding plastic no matter where you shop.

006. Holy moly this post was pretty long considering I'm talking about groceries (you can tell I'm passionate about something when I can't stop writing). I hope this was helpful or insightful in some way to see how you can reduce your waste with something as mundane as grocery shopping!

Lena x


Friday, 9 June 2017

001. The War on Waste is a three part television series that aired on the ABC recently here in Australia. It focuses on the waste we create as a nation and things we can do to reduce the amount. Food, fashion and plastic are the primary three categories of waste the show focuses on. It is incredibly confronting and powerful to see the sheer AMOUNT of waste we are producing and how it being dealt with. I don't really want to do an in-depth analysis of the entire show but I LOVED it and believe it is an incredibly important problem that everyone should be aware of. The links to the three episodes are HERE. I hope that even if you haven't looked into any minimalism, zero waste or sustainability movements you still check it out. Everyone makes waste in some shape or form and I think it important to be informed about the implications of our actions.

002. If you have been following this blog for a while you have probably picked up that I'm all about everything ethical, sustainable and eco. I'm on a journey to living a more minimal, simple and reduced waste lifestyle- so I have more time and money for the things that matter the most! I am nowhere near perfect, but I want to share my journey in hopes that it might inspire others and help out the earth. Basically this post was just a little introduction to something I am super excited and passionate about! I hope I can show you that reducing your waste is easy and isn't nearly as scary or intimidating as it might be perceived as. If a broke student like me can do it, so can you! I can't wait to keep learning and sharing more about this little lifestyle journey I'm on!

Lena x


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

001. Hey hey! A little over a month ago I wrote a blog post about sustainable and eco friendly fabrics (find it here if you need to catch up). An despite me abandoning this blog and going on hiatus for a month, I am back to write the follow up post- HOW you can incorporate these values of sustainable and eco friendly fabrics into your wardrobe (I promise it's not as hard as it sounds!).

002. Now, after reading the previous post about sustainable fabrics and materials, I'm sure you're all aware of how good they are for the environment and good for your body too. However, I'm not a crazy person or a rich person either, so I don't expect you or even myself to go out there and buy a whole new wardrobe filled with fancy eco fabrics that are sometimes hard to find. My number one rule for having an ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly wardrobe is NEVER buy anything new- unless you support the company's ethics, practices and transparency 100%. There are SO many clothes and goods already in circulation here on earth that we honestly do not need to be buying anything brand new. In my opinion, if the clothing already exists and isn't something new off the shelf, its okay if it isn't made out of 100% eco friendly materials. You are helping the earth just by using something already in existence, and not something new that requires new resources. This little shopping technique will help you keep a clear conscious about everything you wear and keep your wallet nice and full too!

003. Why secondhand? We live in a society of consumerism where we are programmed to always be wanting more- something new, something better. Fast fashion is a HUGE issue which is causing HUGE environmental damage to the earth. The fashion industry is the SECOND largest polluting industry in the world (following right behind the oil industry). This is without even going down the path about the ethics and social concerns involved with producing these clothes too-  it's  no surprise that garments workers in this industry are more often than not exploited and taken advantage of. With all of this information, IT JUST DOESN'T MAKE SENSE to be buying new things! We are so lucky to have masses of clothes that are already made and funky as hell- just waiting to be given a new life.

004. Where can I find pre-loved clothes? EVERYWHERE. As someone who primarily shops second hand, I'll give you the low down on where to find the coolest things for the cheapest prices. If you don't mind having a dig through mountains of clothes op shops and markets will become your new best friend. This is hands down the cheapest way to shop, although it does require a bit more effort and time. Next up we now have the option to do all this shopping from the comfort of our own home or bed, thanks to the internet. Hit up Depop (an app for selling their pre-loved clothes), eBay, Gumtree or Facebook buy/swap/sell clothing pages- there will be ones in your area or even ones for specific brands you might be after all going at cheap affordable prices. Finally you can always hit up a vintage store. These are usually a little more pricey but the quality is usually top notch and you can find them in your local town, on Etsy or just online. I run my own little pre-loved fashion store, Shop Frockled, where I actually price everything at super affordable prices. I want ethical and sustainable fashion to be accessible to everyone and would never want to deter anyone from making better choices for the environment by hiking my prices up to a crazy level! If you start looking you will realise that pre-loved fashion and clothing is everywhere and you can STILL look badass, while saving the earth on the side.

005. Finally, if you still can't find what you are looking for after trying all the other methods, you can buy a brand new product. My personal rule for this is only buying from brands that align with my beliefs. I want them to have transparency about their production, use materials which are good to the earth and have ethical practices overall. Finding brands that fit this criteria can be even more difficult than finding something secondhand, which is good because it helps deter me from making impulse or unnecessary purchases. I find that the 2017 Baptist World Aid Fashion Report is a good place to start, then maybe magazines like Peppermint or the blog/app Good On You. The internet is your oyster and you can find anything if you put your mind to it.

006. I'll leave you with a few of my favourite stores as of late, that seem to fill all the boxes and get ticks all round. Boody (bamboo basics), Nico (more basics), Friday Hut Road (beautiful natural hemp pieces) and VegeThreads (sustainable basics for everyone). There are so so many more but these are just from the top of my head! More and more ethical and sustainable small clothing businesses seem to be popping up, which I think indicates that there is a positive shift of consciousness happening. People are becoming more aware of what they are consuming and how.

007. I apologise that this post seems to have gotten a little out of hand and is now SUPER long. Hopefully it was helpful in some way and inspired you to maybe tweak your shopping habits a little to keep our planet happy and healthy!

Lena x


Sunday, 7 May 2017

001. Here's another one of those posts that fits into the weird category on this blog called "lifestyle" or in other words- Lena's little memory box to put photos and life happenings. 

002. Life is looking pretty great as of right now- I have finished my uni week from hell (4 assignments due in the space of 3 days), won a ticket through uni to attend The Design Conference down in Brissie in a couple of weeks and I have a super cool creative internship hopefully on the cards. Plus, I'm heading down to Melbourne town to see my best gal this weekend! Life is pretty fab. Still not looking good on the whole employment front, but hey, you win some you lose some. And for someone who considers themselves somewhat spontaneous and a bit of a nomad, you gotta admit living week to week is pretty damn exciting (in a glass-half-full kinda way).

003. I've recently connected with some beautiful gals in a lovely little space called the Self Love Social Club run up here on the coast. I've been to two of the little gatherings so far and every time I leave I feel like I am buzzing and just radiating on another level from the all of the good energies that are vibrating throughout the space! Such a magical feeling that human connection can create. This week we created vision boards- something that is designed to help manifest. I want to create a simple life that is driven by creativity, has the freedom to travel, a connectedness with nature and full of love. Just simple living full of the good stuff. 

004. Other things that have been happening lately include me listening to Ben play the didgeridoo a lot as it's his new found hobby, which is pretty damn cool. Also getting out into nature quite regularly climbing mountains and hiking to waterfalls (when I can afford not to be stingy with petrol #poorlife). I bloody love nature- IT IS THE BEST! If anyone wants to be friends and visit me for a day of hiking, picnicking and exploring nature, I 100% cannot think of anything better, sign me up!

Lena x


Saturday, 29 April 2017

001. Hi friends! I have been having a wild time lately making and designing little graphics that I can use on the Shop Frockled social media pages. They are simple but pretty damn funky (if you ask me). Can you tell I'm obsessed with the funky 70's style font and those three colours???

002. Just thought it would be something a little different to post on here! If you are not already following Shop Frockled, it would mean the world to a gal who dreams of running her own little business that aims to spread consciousness, sustainability and ethics! PS. the Instagram is HERE and the Facebook page is HERE.

Lena x


Sunday, 23 April 2017

001. This is the first Queensland Easter in a long time that I have had where it was sunshine and blue skies everyday! I made the made the most of the break by lying in the sun at the beach, driving down to Brissie for a gig and procrastinating many, many uni assignments. Over this break I also read some pretty beautiful words on Ziggy Alberts' Facebook page, that I just wanted to share in this little space of the internet. Enjoy!

"If god is the all giving being , maybe it's the planet we live on; the earth from which trees grow that we cut down to build our houses to keep us dry & our fires to keep us warm . The food, water & air to keep our hearts beating. If you need something above humanity , maybe it's the way natural disasters destroy the homes we've built or the food we've grown or drown our loved ones who die young- without motive, reason or human emotion . If you need to see punishment, maybe it's the way some crops aren't growing back because the bees are dying from the GMOS & pesticides, the way we can't drink from certain rivers affected by fracking for CSG , the way overfishing is collapsing the stability of our ocean ecosystem that provides most of our oxygen. If you need hope , maybe it's in the way the earth never gives up on trying to yield the crops , the river washes clean when we stop polluting it; dead zones in the ocean come back to life when they are given a chance to. If god is within everyone, maybe it's how our bodies - just like the earth - never give up; scars heal, hearts mend, our hearts never stop trying to beat and lungs never stop trying to breathe . If we need magic maybe it's the way we feel better when we hear the birds sing, how we see beauty in the flowers that bloom, how we have the chance to fall in love with 1 person in a world of 7 billion . If we need purity maybe it's in doing our best to recognise the reliance of economic prosperity on environmental stability, source our clothes responsibly, our food sustainably, to lower our impact, to care for others, to be transparent about our selfishness, to immerse ourselves in nature above and below .when we die and our bodies return to the land or return to the sea to be apart of the earth that help us grow, to this all giving being, maybe that's how we get to heaven."

Lena x


Thursday, 20 April 2017

Top: Op Shop// Jeans: Op Shop// Shoes: Birkenstock// Bag: Fjallraven// Bottle: The Source

001. Hi friends! It's been a while since I uploaded anything in this series, so when the makeshift photography studio was still hanging up in my little shack I thought it would be a good opportunity to take some photos! Five minutes and some awkward poses later, here are the results! 

002. This outfit was just something simple I popped on to head into uni for the morning (yes it's still hot here, jeans probably weren't even totally necessary). The grey tee was a $2 op shop find, along with the white jeans, which I also managed to nab up for $2. They are originally from the brand Insight (quite pricey) and I added the DIY distressing myself (which is quite time consuming, but also pretty therapeutic accompanied by a Netflix binge). I also just want to add that these jeans were virtually brand new AND super super super white- an op shopping miracle! 

003. My other uni comfort essentials include my faithful Birkenstocks (rated a "good" by Good on You), a trusty reusable water bottle (from the Source Bulk Foods), and a good sized backpack (mine is from Fjallraven, another company rated well for their ethics and sustainability!). So there you have it- a simple outfit sourced from ethical and sustainable sources, perfect to cater to all your uni needs! Hope this helps inspire you to get thrifty and get creative when sourcing funky new pieces for your wardrobe! 

Lena x


Thursday, 13 April 2017

001. As you may know, at the beginning of this year I launched a new creative project called Shop Frockled. It is a little passion project that was born out of my love for personal style, concern about the environmental impact fast fashion has on our precious earth, ethics related to the workers producing fast fashion and the skill of hunting down hidden vintage gems (which if I may so myself, I happen to be damn good at!). So there you have it- Shop Frockled. If you want to hear even more about WHAT the project is, I a lil previous post here.

002. One of the biggest motivations behind the branding of Frockled, is for customers to become environmentally conscious consumers. For me, the challenge was to create a brand that was functional USING no plastic in the process at all. I think the end result that I am currently working with is great and suits the shop perfectly- a product that is carefully picked and selected with love and delivered with the same love- for you and the earth!

003. The process I use to ship the packages is pretty straight forward. I choose to send them in Australia Post "tough" bags, which are made out of cardboard- a little pricer than the average "one-price-fits-all" plastic bags, but 100% worth every penny. I then wrap up each garment carefully, tie it together with some natural twine (also reusable if the customer wishes to do so!) and then pop in a little thank you business card. I ordered these cards from a Australian website called Better Business Cards, and paid a little extra choosing the option to have them printed on eco-friendly, recycled paper and printed with non-toxic soy and vegetable based inks. Again, the environmental side of the business is something I am really passionate about and I didn't want to skimp on the details. Environmentally friendly and recycled cardboard business cards were the only way to go! Plus look how beautifully they arrived packaged in the mail- plastic free!

004. As you can see, it really is pretty simple to run a business sustainably! I have so many plans and ideas for little Shop Frockled. This store isn't a huge source of income for me personally currently, but I love running it because I get to provide an ethical and sustainable fashion option for consumers that is super funky, accessible and raises awareness about the impact fashion is having on our planet! At the moment the store is on Etsy, and the link for it is HERE. I upload a few new things weekly most of the time, so don't forget to keep updated and follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Thank you for taking the time to read this and caring about Shop Frockled, you all rock!

Lena x


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

001. Ethical and sustainable fashion is something I am really passionate about and something that I have definitely mentioned a lot on this blog before, but today I'm coming to you with a post from a little bit of a different angle. I want to to talk about the fabrics- WHAT fibres and materials are actually going into the clothes you wear on you bodies every single day! As I'm on an ongoing journey of cutting back the amount of plastic waste I produce personally and becoming kinder person to the earth, I found out that what I wear on my body plays a pretty important role too.


Hemp is honestly the miracle fibre that could save the world (no exaggeration I swear). A little plant that is often widely misunderstood, due to it's little cousin called Marijuana. Hemp actually contains no THC (which is the component that creates the high) and can honestly be used to make ANYTHING (I'm talking replacing fossil fuels, making paper, superfood for the body and skin, and a substitute for plastic!). A few of it's magic powers are that is uses half as much water as cotton to grow and is naturally resistant (meaning no pesticides etc. needed to grow!). Seriously this is a little wonder plant and I have only just introduced you to the tip of the iceberg. As far as hemp fabric goes, I would say it resembles a natural cotton- meaning it is very comfortable, breathable and lovely to wear. If you are wanting to know a little more about the powers of hemp, there's a pretty cool little doco HERE by the guys at Afends, kudos!

Ah good old faithful cotton. Honestly not the BEST of these three eco friendly basics (waster consumption wise) but it is still a nice basic and one of the most widely accessible. Cotton is a natural fabric, literally picked from the fields to be made into fabric. Because it is natural it also means it is breathable, soft, strong and hypo-allergenic. Cotton is also super versatile- denim, corduroy, chino, calico, broadcloth and even more are all made from cotton fibres! When produced in an eco friendly environment, meaning no harsh chemicals from dying or toxic resources when growing, cotton can is the match made in heaven for a conscious eco-babe.

The dreamiest fibre ever- once you try bamboo you won't go back. Environmentally, producing commercial harvests of bamboo only require rainwater, the plantations of bamboo produce up to 30% more oxygen than the equivalent area of trees and is also a fast growing, regenerating plant that can grow up to one metre per day (that is insane!). Health wise bamboo is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, hypo-allergenic (perfect if you have sensitive skin) and made out of a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that I can't help but mention is honestly the softest thing I have possible ever touched. The best part about bamboo is that it is also super affordable with lots and lots of bamboo based stores popping up everywhere! If you haven't owned anything bamboo before I highly recommend giving this eco friendly fabric a try- it is a dream to wear, I promise you won't regret it!

Okay I thought I would also just mention it here with the Good Guys that if all of these are grown organically (which more often than not hemp and bamboo particularly are), they don't use pesticides, insecticides or fertilisers. Which means that they don't contribute to any toxic chemicals or toxic waste finding their way into our clothes, our land or our waterways!


Polyester, Acrylic, Nylon and Rayon
I feel like I don't need to talk about these in too much detail, I just want to make it clear that they are not good for the earth or for you! A main ingredient in polyester and acrylic materials is plastic. Meaning that it does not break down, contributes a LOT to pollution, takes a lot of nasty chemicals and toxins to manufacture and is in no way natural at all! Polyester is down right the worst and is made from synthetic polymers that are made from esters of dihydric and terpthalic acid- nasty stuff! Acrylic is made from polycrylonitriles and some sources believe it may even cause cancer. Nylon is made from petroleum, which isn't something we want to be wearing. Rayon is also another fibre you see a lot of- it's made from recycled wood pulp (good hey?) but then must be treated with chemicals such as caustic soda, ammonia, acetone and sulphuric acid to survive our regular wash and wear.

002. Now, after reading all of that and maybe checking the labels on a few pieces of clothing, you are wondering how the hell it would be possible to curate a whole wardrobe of good materials- all while trying to not be wasteful and spend all of your hard earned money!? In my opinion this post is already long enough and jam-packed with new information, so I'm going to do a separate post on how to integrate these eco friendly values into your life. I hope that this little mini series will teach you something new and make you reconsider how powerful you are as a consumer!

003. YOU vote with YOUR dollar. Every time you spend money you are casting a vote for the type of world you want to live in. You bought a new shirt from K-mart that cost $5? Cool, your dollars from that purchase are going towards voting for a world where underpaying garment staff, exploiting workers and not feeling safe in your work environment is OKAY. Bought a nice juicy beef burger on your lunch break today? You're voting for a world that isn't concerned with the HUGE negative impact animal agricultural poses to our environment here on earth and that thinks murder is okay as long as it's an animal. Just a perspective of money to get you thinking.

Lena x


Friday, 17 March 2017

001. Continuing on my journey of only using cruelty free, natural, non-toxic beauty products that create as little waste as possible, I have started to make my own toothpaste and I am super excited to share it with anyone reading this!

002. There are loads of recipes for zero waste natural toothpaste on the web all with different ingredients, but today I am sharing my version. Let’s call it “natural toothpaste for the broke eco-conscious babe.” There are quite a few recipes floating around involving charcoal or bentonite clay, which are really incredible products but not really in my everyday budget. If you can afford it, go for it! Pop it in there for extra whiteness and special minerals. However don’t feel pressured into it; I personally think my recipe does a damn good job at making my pearly whites feel squeaky clean, without breaking the bank too.

003. It comes with making your own of any product that it will be a little different than the product you are used to buying in the store, but don’t let that scare you! This toothpaste is totally not going to foam up like supermarket ones and it may taste a little different. But just give it a go and give yourself sometime to adjust. Making your own beauty products is bad-ass, you don’t have to depend on any big corporations and you get to decide on EVERY ingredient you are putting into your body, which is pretty damn important.

DIY Zero Waste Toothpaste Recipe
- 1 and a ½ tablespoons bi carb soda (purchased in bulk or in cardboard box from supermarket or in bulk)
- 3 tablespoons coconut oil (in glass jar, so it’s reusable)
- 20-30 drops of peppermint essential oil- make sure it’s food grade because it’s going in your mouth

STEP ONE: measure out ingredients and mix all together (but make sure the coconut oil is melted). I like to make mine in a little jar so I don’t have to bother transferring later!

STEP TWO: apply a little amount on your toothbrush each time you brush your teeth and voila!

004. PS. I wrote this blog post for Barefoot Babes, you can see the original post here hehe.

Lena x


Saturday, 11 March 2017

001. Hello lovely people! Since we last spoke there has been some pretty huge changes in my life and I thought it was about time I documented them on this blog/journal thing I've got going on. Firstly, I moved up to the Sunshine Coast! If you're not from Australia this little slice of the earth probably sounds too good to be true, and it totally is. Beautiful endless stretches of beaches, lush green hinterland rolling hills, farmers markets on every corner and a general chilled out, laid back way of life. I live in a tiny little self-contained shack at the back of a share house and spend most of my time endlessly attempting to get the never-ending sand out of my bed each time I go to sleep (I'm on the verge of giving up and just accepting the mermaid-esque way of life). The downside however is that I currently don't have a job, so between paying rent, buying food for the week and filling up petrol in my car, cash is very very very low. I'm on the job hunt (and praying that something pulls through shortly) but until I actually get my first pay check you will probably find me at the beach- because that little beauty is always completely free!

002. Big life change number two is that I am now a full time uni student! I'm only two weeks in but so far so good. I'm studying a Bachelor of Design and am hoping to major in graphic design and e-media design later down the track, with a bit of photography as a minor. I don't really have an exact career plan or have any clue where this will lead me; all I know so far is that I enjoy mucking around and creating things in this field, so would love to learn some real skills about how to do it properly.

003. Two major life updates is enough for one post right? I'm trying to get back into messing around with photography and taking my camera everywhere, so I hope to produce more content and post it on here as regularly as possible. Here are a couple of snaps I took today when I realised that the weekend is probably a good time to avoid the beach if you don't want to listen to screaming children and arguing parents, but hey ho the water was still incredible (I am honestly living for this endless summer). I took these shots on my camera but am experimenting with some Photoshop techniques to make them appear like a bit of 35mm film work. What do you think of the edits? Authentic or not? Either way I'm not in a good financial place to spend money on film right now so it's the closest to real thing you will be seeing on here for a while!

Lena x


Sunday, 26 February 2017

001. I am on a journey of trying to only use cruelty free, natural, non-toxic beauty products that create as little waste as possible. It does sound a bit complicated but essentially I just want to be using products that aren’t harmful to me and aren’t harmful to mother nature- simple as that!

002. The first step I took in this journey was deodorant. When my latest one ran out, I decided to try and make my own- using only natural ingredients and things that aren’t packaged in wasteful ways. I could have picked a natural one up from any health food store, but they are still creating waste, usually packaged in plastic of some form, AND they are hella expensive. I’m a broke student, so the DIY method was a win for the environment and my wallet.

003. It was a little different at first using this new deodorant, I’m going to be honest with you gals. But now I totally love it because I know it’s only made of all the good stuff and I made it all by myself (no need for big corporations taking my money!) It doesn’t make you NOT sweat (because stopping perspiration isn’t natural) but it does stop any smell. The best part is that it is super easy AND super cheap. I hope you like the recipe!

DIY Zero Waste Deodorant Ingredients

- ¼ cup bi carb soda (purchased in bulk or in cardboard box from supermarket)
- ¼ cornflour (purchased in bulk)
- 2 tablespoons coconut oil (in glass jar, so it’s reusable)
- 10 drops of any essential oil- I used lavender (can reuse the glass bottle too)

1. First melt the coconut oil so it’s no longer solid
2. Then just simply just mix all the ingredients together until it forms a kind of paste.
3. Put it all in a small jar for easy access (mine used to be for curry paste).
4. Get a tiny bit on your finger each morning and rub into your armpits. Easy peasy and leaves you smelling lovely           all day!

Lena x


Thursday, 23 February 2017

001. Hey lovely readers, I thought it was about time I shared some exciting news with you all on this blog…. I am now an intern for Barefoot Babes! Essentially I just submit a blog post for them once a fortnight, accompanied with some relevant photos I’ve taken, but hey intern sounds waaaaay cooler. Barefoot Babes is a little brand set up by a gal called Christie in New York. It is an ethical brand that sells funky tees and some other bits 'n' bobs that share an important message to the world. Go check out the shop HERE.

002. I was looking for another way I could push myself creatively to write more and when this opportunity came up it sounded perfect because Barefoot Babes stands for basically everything I believe in! The blog posts are usually around themes that I am super passionate about such as environmentalism, natural beauty, creativity, positivity, and general ethical living! This means that I love writing the blog posts because anything along those lines just rolls off my tongue. So far I have written two posts; one about finding creativity when you’re in a rut and another about DIY zero waste natural deodorant (which is something really cool, so I'm going to repost that on this blog very soon!).

003. There is loads of other talented gals writing for the Barefoot Babes too, if you want to have a browse at all the other articles the link for the blog is HERE. Happy reading!

Lena x


Monday, 20 February 2017

001. I love Lamington National Park. It's what green mossy fairy garden nymph dreams are made of. From waking up at Girrraween in the morning and going to sleep at Lamington that night- it was like we stepped into another realm. I know I say it all the time on here whenever I blog about travelling in Australia but it really is just SO diverse and SO beautiful. We really are lucky to live in such a lovely part of the world, with all of this mother nature goodness at our doorstep. 

002. I don't really have too much else to say in this post, I think I'll just let the photos do the talking. If you want to hear my review of the campsite read this blog post I did last year when I visited Lamington for the first time- I still love it just as much as I did then!

Lena x

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