16 June 2016

001. This post is dedicated to those days you get home from work feeling rough as hell. More often than not we will sit down exhausted and then begin staring at a screen in order to “relax” or “wind down” for the day. I’m talking accidentally spending hours watching our smart phones, computers or tv screens. We’re all guilty of it. But this post is here to tell you it’s time to kick these bad habits and actually do something that makes you feel good and positive at the end of a busy day! Here are a few of my suggestions…

Take a Bath
One of life's simple pleasures that I wish I indulged in more often. Seriously, if you are feeling tense or stressed or sick or sore, this is my remedy. Add some bath bombs, candles, essential oils or other smelly goodies for the full relaxation experience. 

Find the Ocean

This one is for you lucky ducks who live near the ocean. I cannot think of a better way to end a day then by the ocean. The options here are endless… go alone, take a friend, watch the sunset, walk along the shore or go for a refreshing cool dip. One of my favourite things to do is meet up with some of my gals, order some takeaway Indian and then eat it by the seaside. The ocean ALWAYS makes everything better trust me- just try it out. 


Music makes me happy, and if you are playing the right tunes dancing is sure to follow. Dancing is best way to let go of everything, be yourself, relax and just be FREE with the music. Loud and obnoxious singing along to songs is also highly encouraged. 

Look at the Stars

This is especially targeted at you night shift babes, but seriously everyone has time for this. When I used to work crazy late nights in hospitality I used to enjoy the few seconds I stopped outside before getting in my car to just appreciate the moon, the stars and the serenity of night time. Let out one big breath and just look at that huge universe up above you. I guarantee you that you will be feeling a lot smaller, and your problems won’t seem big anymore. 

Make Something

Use this time at the end of your day to be productive and put your creative pants on. When I say make something I mean anything! It can be doodling, collaging, playing around with paints, embroidering a thrifted denim jacket, writing a blog post or working on your photography skills. Go be creative and use your time to do something that makes you happy! This is YOUR time for YOU. 


The ultimate wind down for me is reading. Books take you into a completely different world; a world free from the problems of the day, your to-do list for tomorrow or the growing pile of clothes you probably need to wash. Try swapping electronics before bed for a book. You will totally feel smarter, more productive and will get a better nights sleep without the light that your phone is giving off! 

Make a Nourishing Meal

Show your body some love and cook yourself a nourishing, healthy and satisfying meal for dinner. This can be whatever makes your body happy. Say thank you to your body for getting through the day with some rewarding fuel that it will thank you for! 

Lena x


13 June 2016

//all photos taken on my 35mm film camera// 

001. After a busy week in Bangkok we flew down to the south of Thailand, landing in Surat Thani. Before talking about the exciting part of our adventures down south I just want to make a point about flying in and out of Surat Thani and how much CHEAPER it is. Basically Surat Thani is this Thai town on the mainland, and a great point to fly into if you are interested in Koh Samui, Koh Phangan or Koh Tao. There is an airport on Koh Samui itself but flights are double the price of Surat Thani. It is easy peasy to organise one of the many buses that go directly from the airport or from the main part of town to take you down to the ferry ports, then hop on over to the islands. Plus, even adding on this extra transport it is still cheaper than flying to Koh Samui by far! We flew in and out of Surat Thani and opted to stay overnight each time because of the time our flights left. We stayed at a place called Sabye D Resort, it was so damn cheap and luxurious. Extra bonus points for being right next-door to a 7/11, roadside food stalls and walking distance to a bus centre.

002. Okay moving on to the exciting part now… Koh Phangan! This was our last destination in our 3 month trip around Asia and we were pretty damn excited to soak up the sun, sand and crystal clear water because it had been 2 months since we last stepped foot on a beach. Koh Phangan is famous for its full moon party, however don’t let that steer you away from this beautiful island if the party thing isn’t your scene. The parties are mainly focused around Haad Rin at the south side of the island. We stayed along the north/west coast for the duration of our stay and it had awesome vibes. Loads of hippy, health conscious and well being focused places. Seriously the vegan food on this island was incredible and definitely in abundance. For our first week we stayed in a bungalow on top of a hill at Haad Yao, in a place called JB Hut Bungalows. It was a lovely family run place with basic and affordable bungalows overlooking the ocean. We were there in peak season, so finding a nice place under $25 a night in this very touristy island was a miracle! Had Yao beach was really nice, but had a lot of upmarket accommodation along the shoreline, each with its own shoreline restaurants. We enjoyed our stay for the week there, but opted to explore a bit further north to find somewhere quieter for our second place to stay.

003. We rented out a little motorbike for a few days of our stay. It was really handy to discover and check out some new beaches. In all honesty though, neither Ben or myself were very confident riding it. Even though LOADS of tourists get them, we really weren't interested in riding around all day to find new things. It was our last week in Asia and we were far more excited to get some snorkels, swim out to find some coral, and lay in the sand all day sipping on fruit shakes. So that is exactly what we did! For the second week of our stay we ventured further north to a beach called Mae Haad. It still had a lot of accommodation options but was a lot quieter than Haad Yao. The beach was beautiful and there was a small island just off the shore that you could snorkel to or even walk to if the tide was low. For this week we stayed at a slightly more expensive place (at about $30 a night) because it was our last week of this marathon trip. We had aircon, a really nice bathroom, a mini bar fridge and room service every day at Mae Haad Garden Inn. I would 10/10 recommend this little place and the entire area of Mae Haad. On top of having the beach a short walk from our room, we also had Wangsai Waterfall next door. Whilst it was only small, it was a nice place to go for even more peace and quiet when you got sick of the sand. The restaurant located at the front of the waterfall along the street was our favourite place to eat. Although it was often very quiet, the food was cheap, delicious and made of huge portions. Plus the little lady running the place was so kind! One night she even made Ben and myself a special vegan Thai dessert for free, and gave us free bananas at the end of each meal too! We always walked away with full bellies and big smiles. Just little things like the kindness of these people is what made Asia so special for me.

004. I went backpacking through Asia for three months with my best friend and I can honestly say I have never felt as inexplicably free as I did in those three months. Waking up each day with no plan, no responsibilities, no expectations was the best feeling. Working for months beforehand in soul sucking jobs didn’t even seem to matter anymore. I would do it all over again 100%! We left Australia with a little more than $5,000 in our pockets, no plan, and were rewarded with the most incredible experiences we could have ever imagined. The people of South East Asia are so genuinely warm, welcoming and friendly wherever you go. I really think there is a stigma in Western culture that people are never completely happy and always wanting more, but I came to realise that in the countries we visited the people who had the least were always the kindest and the happiest. Travel is good for the soul and I urge everyone to get out there and see the world. Somewhere, ANYWHERE, it doesn’t matter. Just get out there and do it! Travelling really is the most incredible thing in the world and it makes you appreciate how really magical this earth is.

005. I guess that's it for this Asia series... I hope that you enjoyed reading along with my travels! Time to go on more adventures now hey?

Lena x


2 June 2016

001. Time for a little life update from Lena world... I am currently living in Alice Springs (again), which is located basically in the dead centre of this big ol' island we call Australia. No it is not all red dirt and dust- would you believe that in the three weeks I've been here there's actually been maybe 5 days of rain, the river is flowing and everything is super green? Truth is I really love it out here. I have secured myself a job at a pretty funky and fun cafe, and I don't have too many things to worry about. Life here is slow paced- driving to work takes 5 minutes, the centre of town is literally walking distance and there is absolutely no chance in hitting traffic because there is only 4 sets of traffic lights in the entire town! I am definitely not complaining about this stress free lifestyle change.

002. Because I actually just have a lot of free time now, I've decided to work on me- creatively, physically and mentally. Okay... maybe the whole physically part isn't going that well yet, but hopefully once I get myself into a good exercise routine I will be on my way. Creatively I want to really keep creating lots of content in different ways. I am currently loving photography, doodling, macrame, writing and blogging. Just creating things and making art makes me one happy gal! Mentally, I am trying to do more yoga and mediation. Ideally it will become part of my day to day routine, because I KNOW how good it is for me, I just need the willpower and motivation to follow through. Self-love rocks and I have been reading lots of blogs and watching lots of Youtube channels on this topic too which I want to share the love with to you (stay tuned for a post on that).

003. I read this little text post the other day on Tumblr and I think it summarises my current thoughts quite nicely. "Don’t live your life for other people, because those people aren’t going to be standing in your shoes when the hits keep coming and those people aren’t going to fall asleep on your bed each night. You’ve got to live for you, and you alone, otherwise there’d be no point in living at all. Life’s about finding yourself, not making yourself something someone else fashioned."

004. I hope you enjoyed this little over-informative post about my little life journey and are having a lovely day!

Lena x

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