Woodstock 1969

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

On Aug. 15, 1969, more than 400,000 young people made their way to a dairy farm in the town of Bethel, New York, for the Woodstock Music and Art Fair.
Organizers of Woodstock told authorities that they were expecting only 50,000 people to show up — they were hugely mistaken.
After more people arrived than expected, organizers agreed to offer admission free of charge.
Despite the gigantic gathering of people, Woodstock is remembered for being a remarkably peaceful event.
Everyone shared in an atmosphere of love and harmony; there was nothing but good vibes all around.
Jimi Hendrix performing on day three of Woodstock.
The amazing things that can happen when people join together in the spirit of peace, love, and music!
all photos and quotes via this article

001. I've always been a little bit fascinated with Woodstock but I guess I never really looked into it too much or knew many details about it. I read this article the other day and really loved how it showed just how insane and beautiful the event was. Aren't festivals amazing!?

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

001. MAJOR apologies for the month long absence! Since I last spoke to you I've moved into the centre of Australia into a desert town called Alice Springs, landed a job at a fancy hotel and have started spending my life savings on bananas ($4 a kilo out here, very non-vegan friendly!). But all in all, I am having a blast and am enjoying living in a different part of the world. It really is very beautiful out here. I feel so lucky to live in such a unique and diverse country. 

002. As I am working five days a week, don't have a flash camera and am living out of a suitcase... I can't promise too many fashion or outfit related posts. I do plan on doing my best to blog a little now and then though. If I do happen to go M.I.A again, maybe chuck me a follow on instagram, just so you can see I'm still alive and kicking. 

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