Dreaming of Mountains

Monday, 20 April 2015

 all photos via annabelblue.tumblr.com

001. Lately I've been craving adventures and travel. I want to just explore and see as much as I possibly can of this beautiful world. One of places that I've been thinking about is New Zealand. It's basically Australia's neighbour, not too long of a flight and probably not too expensive either. Close enough to pop over to for an escape to free your mind. Something about New Zealand's landscapes just captivate me, make me want to jump into a car and road trip the hell out of their beautiful country. 

002. During all these dreams I've had, these I stumbled across these particularly wonderful photos on my Tumblr dashboard, which are too incredible for me not share. The photographer is a girl, about my age, called Annabel Blue. I just think the images she has captured are so beautiful and really make you just want to explore. What do you think of them? What's one place you really want to visit? 

Lena x

What's Been Happening

Monday, 13 April 2015

001. Hello friends... I thought it was about time I stepped back into the blogging scene and explained my reoccurring absences. My life has basically gone through a few huge changes since I last gave an update and thought it would be nice to share.

002. Firstly, I changed my mind about going to uni and have decided to hold off until next year. I really want to find a course I love and am really passionate about, plus going on a gap year is also something I have wanted to do for a long time. Secondly, I am now vegan! I'm not going to talk a huge amount about it right now, but the main thing is that I am loving it. I feel so good putting all the goodness from nature into my body and happy that I'm making a small difference to help our earth! Thirdly, I got a job at the circus. I know how ridiculous this sounds... dropped out of uni and joined the circus. But hey it's really good pay and pretty fun, considering I'm just selling merchandise. Finally, just thought I'd pop in that all this working and saving is to go overseas at the end of the year to South East Asia for a couple of months to explore, adventure and travel!

003. Now let's talk blogging. Here I am on my gap year and have no idea what I really want to post on my blog. I have decided to get motivated though because I really do just want to blog! I think I'm going to get a journal and write down all my ideas of what I want to post about. I'm going make more of a shift towards a lifestyle blogger... I'm planning on mixing up personal style posts with more travel, food, photography and just things that matter. SO GET EXCITED FOR LOTS OF NEW THINGS!

004. Other than all of that life has been pretty normal. I went down to Byron for a couple of days with the fam, saw a Sticky Fingers gig and have just been enjoying life hanging around with good people really. Tell me your thoughts on this update, I'd love to hear what you think of my grand plans. I can't wait to start sharing more with y'all soon!

Lena x

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