My Summer In Photos: Part Two

Saturday, 21 February 2015

001. These photos were all taken on my little point and shoot film camera a couple of weeks ago up at the Sunshine Coast. Me and my boyfriend had a wonderful week exploring and eating our way through Noosa. Being on adventures with my favourite person in the world makes me a very happy girl. Sorry for having such a photo heavy post, there was just too many good shots not to include! 

Lena x

Local Label Lovin'

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Top: Onatah// Skirt: Frida the Label// Bag: Sportsgirl// Shoes: Betts

001. My boyfriend likes to call this particular hairstyle 'elf hair.' And to be totally honest when I'm wearing this floaty little ethereal feeling' top, a pretty stone around my neck and my hair in a lazy knot, I guess I could say I don't mind the elf life. In this post I'm wearing two pieces from two little Aussie labels that I adore and cannot wait to introduce to you!

002. Onatah is  funky little label, based on the coast of New South Wales, that specialises in bohemian and gypsy inspired pieces. Everything is so light and floaty and beautiful. They also have a wonderful mix of more minimal pieces AND bright patterned pieces. The website says their clothing is 'Easy to move in, easy to dance in, easy to laze about on the beach in.' Which I completely agree with because everything is so darn perfect!

003. The second label is called Frida the Label, which I was lucky enough to win in a little Instagram competition. I've previously mentioned this beauty of a skirt in a previous post, BECAUSE IT IS SO COOL! I mean look at that print! I may also have a little hometown pride because the next best part is that this label is Brisbane based. Pretty sure I read somewhere that they have a new collection in the works, so keep your eyes peeled. 

004. I really do love supporting small businesses and local designers. Yes, it may be a tiny bit more expensive than finding some super cheap mass produced digs, but local labels have so much more worth. They are great quality, made with love and something none of your friends will have. I'm all for supporting local up-and-coming labels, KEEP IT UP YOU GUYS ROCK! 

todays tune: run, san cisco (go, listen, NOW)

Lena x

My Summer In Photos: Part 1

Sunday, 15 February 2015

001. Although majority of these photos were taken back in November, in my neck of the woods the weather was well and truly hot enough to be classified as Summer. I love film photography how it's all about the surprise and you never really know how the photos will turn out. Going on road trips, soaking up the sun, adventuring to new places and swimming in the sea is what Summer is all about for me. What's your favourite thing about the hot season? Stay tuned for part two coming in the next few days! 

Lena x

Summer Staples: Denim Shorts

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Shorts// Op Shop

001. These denim shorts are the best thing I've purchased from an op shop in a long time. Originally they were jeans but with a few simple chops... voila' shorts! Super high waisted- check. Perfect fit on my waist- check. Little leather patch on the back- check. Bargain price of only $4 - CHECK! 

002. I know I can kinda sound like a crazy op shopping lady in posts like these because I get excited about a really good bargain, but I just want to help you guys find the coolest and cheapest fashion pieces possible. The DIY for making your own denim cut-offs couldn't be easier. You cut off to your desired length, chuck them in the washing machine to fray a bit, and then sew a line around the edges on the legs to prevent further fraying next time they are washed. Easy peasy. 

003. If you're not into secondhand digs or haven't had any luck finding any gems, I have a few favourite sites that are great to hit up for some summer denim. Although much pricer than my $4 finds, these websites all have a huge variety of colours, cut and size for you to choose from. My ultimate favourite stores to buy denim from are Surfstitch, General Pants, Universal Store, Glue Store and American Apparel

004. Whether you're heading out of summer here in Australia, or getting ready to embrace the warmer weather in Europe, I hope you can find some sweet denim shorts and that this post is maybe a little helpful. Goodluck! 

Lena x

Moving Forward

Sunday, 1 February 2015

photo via tumblr

001. Okay... I'm just going to start writing this post with no real intention of what I'm writing about. I just feel that I've got myself stuck in a rut right now and maybe if I write about it my head will feel a lot clearer?

002. So, last year I graduated high school and this year I have found myself enrolled into my first preference university course. I'm going to major in fashion communication, and minor in marketing and PR. The course seems pretty interesting for a fashion gal like myself, with the only set back being an 8pm lecture on Friday night. I honestly have no idea to what career this degree will lead me to, but I'm really hoping it's something I will love. It's kinda scary enrolling into university. Almost like locking yourself into another 3 year contract of study. Don't get me wrong, I really do want to continue my education but after spending 6 weeks travelling and seeing the world, being back home in a routine isn't really quenching my thirst for adventure and life. 

003. This year I've vowed to myself to save my money better so I can go travelling again. The travel bug has got me good. The next destination on my list is Asia. Ideally, a three month trip backpacking with no agenda or deadline, just to escape and really truly immerse myself into another world. To do that though, I really need to step up my job game and advance from the '6 hours a week pizza shop' position I'm currently holding. Only problem is that I'm currently competing with the rest of the 2014 year 12 cohort also trying to secure a new job. Fingers crossed something comes through soon, because I'm definitely ready to just save, travel and experience as much as I possibly can. All in all life is pretty great at the moment. Yes, very indefinite but still great. 

004. I'm off to escape to the beach for 5 nights this week with my favourite person. I honestly am so excited to lay in sun, listen to the sea and be with the person I love the most. Might even take the camera with me so I can snap some outfit photos, as my blogging game has been incredibly low lately. Hope this ramble wasn't too boring gals, I promise to be back with some fashion stuff soon! 

Lena x

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