Tuesday, 21 November 2017

001. Before heading off on my travels, I wanted to grab a new lip balm but I felt conflicted about supporting something that came in plastic packaging or used beeswax. So the only conclusion that seemed sensible to an eco babe like myself was to try and make my own!

002. You can find the exact recipe and instructions that I followed HERE. I was planning on writing it up, but I just followed the recipe from the Biome blog and they do a much better job than me at explaining all things technical and eco! The only adaption I made was that I halved the recipe and it still made LOADS (just keep this in mind as lip balm isn't really something you need a lot of). Also a hot little tip to clean the waxiness off your pots at the end of the experiment, boil the kettle and pour it over the mess. Voila!

003. I really feel proud and excited with each little new thing I teach myself to make that is natural, eco friendly and creates zero waste. It can be challenging and experimental, but it really is another form of creativity for me. Plus the satisfaction you get from making your own beauty products and knowing EXACTLY what you are putting on your skin is pretty damn great too.

Lena x


Tuesday, 14 November 2017

001. I really love art as a form of journaling and self expression. I don't have any extreme talent or own fancy art supplies but I just love to create. Art for me is a way to switch off my busy thinking mind and tune into stillness, conscious energy and creativity. I guess this post doesn't have a strong point or purpose, I just wanted to put it out there into the world and encourage you to just CREATE because it can make magical things happen. 

002. This little piece from my messy art journal is something I created a few weeks ago one night while I was living alone. I honestly don't really know where it came from, I just started playing with watercolours and this wave of thoughts just channelled out the end of my paint brush. I hope it maybe makes you feel something and ignites the little light of creativity inside your soul too!

Lena x


Thursday, 9 November 2017

001. By the time you read this post I will be somewhere in Nepal! If you missed my last post, Ben and myself are currently on a backpacking trip around Nepal and India for the next 3-4 months. I thought showing you what I packed in my 40L carry on backpack could be interesting and useful for all fellow explorers! 

002. I took the time to loosely label the total contents of my backpack in the above photo, so I don't bore you to death with the nitty gritty details. Photo number two demonstrates a couple of my ultimate backpacking travel hacks. The first one is packing cubes- these will save your life and stop you from endlessly burying around in your backpack! Plus they save lots of space. You could order some cheap ones off eBay or pop into Kmart and grab the three pack of laundry bags they sell (which is my favourite option!). Essential number two is a scarf type of wrap which will double as a cover-up, sarong, headscarf, source of warmth or towel for desperate situations. My third essential is somewhere safe to keep your valuables close to you, this could be one of those secret belts to store your passport or a special PacSafe handbag like mine. These options are great to give you peace of mind when you are in a busy or overwhelming place. My grandma kindly crocheted the outside of mine to make it a little more funky and a little less tourist! 

003. I also wanted to include some eco hacks, which I am going to try to implement while away on this trip. I want to try to avoid plastic bags wherever possible, so this little string bag is great and weighs almost nothing. The reusable bamboo spork will be handy in avoiding plastic cutlery if it turns up too. Finally, as the water in the countries I will be travelling to shouldn't be consumed untreated, I investied in a LifeStraw water bottle to hopefully cut down on plastic water bottle use. Last time I backpacked Asia this was something I wish I avoided more! I haven't ever used this product before, but I'm excited to see how effective and easy it is to use! 

004. So, I guess this is what you could call a minimalist, eco inspired packing post?! I am SO excited to be travelling abroad again with my best friend! I promise to share lots of photos, travel stories and adventures when I am home on this special little place on the internet. 

Lena x


Tuesday, 7 November 2017

001. By the time list post goes live I will be flying in the air on a weird metal machine somewhere between Australia and Nepal! Ben and myself are embarking on another backpacking adventure exploring the countries of Nepal and India. I will be travelling for 3 to 4 months (haven't booked a return flight yet oops) and I couldn't be more excited! It feels like it has been so long since our last huge trip, I think I've almost forgot the feeling of total freedom. No jobs, no deadlines, no plans. JUST PURE FREEDOM! Which yes is also a little bit daunting, but totally exhilarating too. I LOVE CHANGE AND TRAVEL AND THE UNKNOWN! This shit makes me feel so DAMN ALIVE!

002. This post isn't really going anywhere, I just wanted to put it out there on the internet that I'll be a little absent for a while. Next year when I'm back, returning as an older and wiser 21 year old human being, I'm sure my brain will be exploding with creativity and a full memory card of captured moments which I would love to share! PS. apologies for the cheesy photos, I'm too excited to care!  BON VOYAGE AMIGOS!

Lena x


Friday, 3 November 2017

linen tie up top// depop $10
silk slip dress // depop // $15
my sunday feeling flares // depop $15

001. Welcome to a new series on the blog I'm calling Fair Fashion Finds. Essentially, it's me showcasing a few pieces of clothing I have picked up from ethical and sustainable sources. The aim of this is to SHARE valuable information about where and how you can source funky clothes that still look after the earth. I'm going to prove just how easy it is! I don't plan on this being a super regular series, because I am trying not to buy things ALL THE TIME (which is surprisingly hard in this consumerist culture). Although, I've definitely slipped up lately and figured it would be great time to start the project!

002. I am head-over-heels in love with all of these purchases and know that they will be very loved in my wardrobe. The flares are from one of my favourite labels ever called My Sunday Feeling, which no longer is in production, so they are either usually super expensive or super hard to come by. When I managed to find these for only $15 my mind was blown! I will be honest, they aren't in perfect condition, there are a couple of snags and tiny holes, but I am planning on wearing these at festivals and running around fields in them, so the slight wear 'n' tear doesn't concern me at all. The other two items came from the same seller- a super flattering tie up linen top and a 100% silk vintage slip-shaped dress. Both are in perfect condition and are lovely little essential basic pieces which will work with everything already in my wardrobe.

003. Everything in this post was purchased through the app called Depop. Essentially Depop is what you would get if Instagram and eBay had a baby- secondhand, affordable, funky threads which are aesthetically pleasing to look at and navigate. I love love love this app! If you are new to world of Depop it can be overwhelming to navigate or understand, so I'm going to let you in on a few of my insider tips.

- use key search terms that fit your style or favourite brand 
an example of terms I usually search are linen, tie, flare, festival, bell, denim, overalls etc.
- set the search to only Australian sellers
this is because I am ALWAYS on a budget and Australian shipping is super cheap, if you are on the hunt for one-off-gem turn this off to search worldwide
- message the seller to check it's still available / tell them you are interested
depending on how recently it was listed or if the seller hasn't been active for a while, this is the safe thing to do before actually purchasing, and can open doors to ask questions about the sizing etc. if you are concerned
- use a PayPal account
purchasing through PayPal gives you all the buyer protection policies, just in case something unlikely ends up happening
- check regularly
if you are really on the hunt for something, search your key terms regularly because newly listed items can get snatched up really quick if they are something rare/funky/labelled/cheap etc.

004. I hope this helps you with your secondhand search and encourages you to try supporting the endless ethical, sustainable and earth saving fashion options that are out there.

Lena x

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