Sunday, 7 May 2017

001. Here's another one of those posts that fits into the weird category on this blog called "lifestyle" or in other words- Lena's little memory box to put photos and life happenings. 

002. Life is looking pretty great as of right now- I have finished my uni week from hell (4 assignments due in the space of 3 days), won a ticket through uni to attend The Design Conference down in Brissie in a couple of weeks and I have a super cool creative internship hopefully on the cards. Plus, I'm heading down to Melbourne town to see my best gal this weekend! Life is pretty fab. Still not looking good on the whole employment front, but hey, you win some you lose some. And for someone who considers themselves somewhat spontaneous and a bit of a nomad, you gotta admit living week to week is pretty damn exciting (in a glass-half-full kinda way).

003. I've recently connected with some beautiful gals in a lovely little space called the Self Love Social Club run up here on the coast. I've been to two of the little gatherings so far and every time I leave I feel like I am buzzing and just radiating on another level from the all of the good energies that are vibrating throughout the space! Such a magical feeling that human connection can create. This week we created vision boards- something that is designed to help manifest. I want to create a simple life that is driven by creativity, has the freedom to travel, a connectedness with nature and full of love. Just simple living full of the good stuff. 

004. Other things that have been happening lately include me listening to Ben play the didgeridoo a lot as it's his new found hobby, which is pretty damn cool. Also getting out into nature quite regularly climbing mountains and hiking to waterfalls (when I can afford not to be stingy with petrol #poorlife). I bloody love nature- IT IS THE BEST! If anyone wants to be friends and visit me for a day of hiking, picnicking and exploring nature, I 100% cannot think of anything better, sign me up!

Lena x


Saturday, 29 April 2017

001. Hi friends! I have been having a wild time lately making and designing little graphics that I can use on the Shop Frockled social media pages. They are simple but pretty damn funky (if you ask me). Can you tell I'm obsessed with the funky 70's style font and those three colours???

002. Just thought it would be something a little different to post on here! If you are not already following Shop Frockled, it would mean the world to a gal who dreams of running her own little business that aims to spread consciousness, sustainability and ethics! PS. the Instagram is HERE and the Facebook page is HERE.

Lena x


Sunday, 23 April 2017

001. This is the first Queensland Easter in a long time that I have had where it was sunshine and blue skies everyday! I made the made the most of the break by lying in the sun at the beach, driving down to Brissie for a gig and procrastinating many, many uni assignments. Over this break I also read some pretty beautiful words on Ziggy Alberts' Facebook page, that I just wanted to share in this little space of the internet. Enjoy!

"If god is the all giving being , maybe it's the planet we live on; the earth from which trees grow that we cut down to build our houses to keep us dry & our fires to keep us warm . The food, water & air to keep our hearts beating. If you need something above humanity , maybe it's the way natural disasters destroy the homes we've built or the food we've grown or drown our loved ones who die young- without motive, reason or human emotion . If you need to see punishment, maybe it's the way some crops aren't growing back because the bees are dying from the GMOS & pesticides, the way we can't drink from certain rivers affected by fracking for CSG , the way overfishing is collapsing the stability of our ocean ecosystem that provides most of our oxygen. If you need hope , maybe it's in the way the earth never gives up on trying to yield the crops , the river washes clean when we stop polluting it; dead zones in the ocean come back to life when they are given a chance to. If god is within everyone, maybe it's how our bodies - just like the earth - never give up; scars heal, hearts mend, our hearts never stop trying to beat and lungs never stop trying to breathe . If we need magic maybe it's the way we feel better when we hear the birds sing, how we see beauty in the flowers that bloom, how we have the chance to fall in love with 1 person in a world of 7 billion . If we need purity maybe it's in doing our best to recognise the reliance of economic prosperity on environmental stability, source our clothes responsibly, our food sustainably, to lower our impact, to care for others, to be transparent about our selfishness, to immerse ourselves in nature above and below .when we die and our bodies return to the land or return to the sea to be apart of the earth that help us grow, to this all giving being, maybe that's how we get to heaven."

Lena x


Thursday, 20 April 2017

Top: Op Shop// Jeans: Op Shop// Shoes: Birkenstock// Bag: Fjallraven// Bottle: The Source

001. Hi friends! It's been a while since I uploaded anything in this series, so when the makeshift photography studio was still hanging up in my little shack I thought it would be a good opportunity to take some photos! Five minutes and some awkward poses later, here are the results! 

002. This outfit was just something simple I popped on to head into uni for the morning (yes it's still hot here, jeans probably weren't even totally necessary). The grey tee was a $2 op shop find, along with the white jeans, which I also managed to nab up for $2. They are originally from the brand Insight (quite pricey) and I added the DIY distressing myself (which is quite time consuming, but also pretty therapeutic accompanied by a Netflix binge). I also just want to add that these jeans were virtually brand new AND super super super white- an op shopping miracle! 

003. My other uni comfort essentials include my faithful Birkenstocks (rated a "good" by Good on You), a trusty reusable water bottle (from the Source Bulk Foods), and a good sized backpack (mine is from Fjallraven, another company rated well for their ethics and sustainability!). So there you have it- a simple outfit sourced from ethical and sustainable sources, perfect to cater to all your uni needs! Hope this helps inspire you to get thrifty and get creative when sourcing funky new pieces for your wardrobe! 

Lena x


Thursday, 13 April 2017

001. As you may know, at the beginning of this year I launched a new creative project called Shop Frockled. It is a little passion project that was born out of my love for personal style, concern about the environmental impact fast fashion has on our precious earth, ethics related to the workers producing fast fashion and the skill of hunting down hidden vintage gems (which if I may so myself, I happen to be damn good at!). So there you have it- Shop Frockled. If you want to hear even more about WHAT the project is, I a lil previous post here.

002. One of the biggest motivations behind the branding of Frockled, is for customers to become environmentally conscious consumers. For me, the challenge was to create a brand that was functional USING no plastic in the process at all. I think the end result that I am currently working with is great and suits the shop perfectly- a product that is carefully picked and selected with love and delivered with the same love- for you and the earth!

003. The process I use to ship the packages is pretty straight forward. I choose to send them in Australia Post "tough" bags, which are made out of cardboard- a little pricer than the average "one-price-fits-all" plastic bags, but 100% worth every penny. I then wrap up each garment carefully, tie it together with some natural twine (also reusable if the customer wishes to do so!) and then pop in a little thank you business card. I ordered these cards from a Australian website called Better Business Cards, and paid a little extra choosing the option to have them printed on eco-friendly, recycled paper and printed with non-toxic soy and vegetable based inks. Again, the environmental side of the business is something I am really passionate about and I didn't want to skimp on the details. Environmentally friendly and recycled cardboard business cards were the only way to go! Plus look how beautifully they arrived packaged in the mail- plastic free!

004. As you can see, it really is pretty simple to run a business sustainably! I have so many plans and ideas for little Shop Frockled. This store isn't a huge source of income for me personally currently, but I love running it because I get to provide an ethical and sustainable fashion option for consumers that is super funky, accessible and raises awareness about the impact fashion is having on our planet! At the moment the store is on Etsy, and the link for it is HERE. I upload a few new things weekly most of the time, so don't forget to keep updated and follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Thank you for taking the time to read this and caring about Shop Frockled, you all rock!

Lena x

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